Where can I find the contact details of our Estate Manager?

For the Estate Manager’s Contact details Click Here

Where can I get the Conduct Rules of the Estate?

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With regards to Estate matters or issues, who is my first point of contact?

For all Administrative queries, homeowners are requested to contact the Managing Agent For all Housekeeping and General enquiries the Estate Manager can be contacted. For contact details and operating hours, Please Click here

Homeowners are asked to refrain from contacting Trustee members directly with their queries or issues.

In an emergency after hours, who can I contact on the Estate to assist me?

If this is an urgent matter which cannot stand over to the next day, homeowners can contact the Estate Manager

Where do I get remotes for the Entrance Gates?

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How many remotes are allowed per household?

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How does my domestic worker get access to the Estate?

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What to do when I hear someone breaking into my house at night?

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My home’s drain is blocked. Who is responsible for fixing it?

Firstly, try and determine where the blockage is. If the blockage is on your property then it will be your responsibility to contact a plumber to come out to deal with this problem for you.

If the problem is as a result of a blockage in the drain line in the common area, outside your property, the HOA will be responsible to have it fixed with no cost to you as homeowner.

If however, for instance, you have a slow flushing toilet and you have reason to believe that the problem is caused by a blockage in the line in the common area of the Estate, you are required to contact the Estate Manager who will then contact a plumber to deal with this problem. If however, the plumber comes out and discovers that the problem was caused by a blockage on your side of the line, you will then be required to settle the plumber’s bill for the work.

Examples of internal plumbing problems:

  • Slow draining sinks, basins and baths
  • Slow flushing toilets

There is no water on my premises?

Our suggestion is that you take the following steps:

  • 1. Check with your neighbours and see if they have the same problem
  • 2. If the case, this most probably is a Council problem in which case you can phone the following number...
  • 3. If the Council informs you that it is not on their side and that their supply lines are intact, the problem may be related to the Estate only. In this case you can report this to the Estate Manager.
  • 7. If the Estate Manager is not available, and your situation is desperate, you will need to contact a local plumber.

My home's electricity is not working even though I have sufficient units in my energy dispenser?

Our suggestion is that you take the following steps:

  1. Check with your neighbours and see if they have the same problem.
    If they also have no electricity, this may be as a result of Council supply problem or because of load shedding. You can dial the following number... to check if it is the case.
  2. If your neighbours have electricity, the problem is on your side and you will need to check the circuit breakers on your Distribution Board (usually situated in your garage). If any of the circuit breakers are down, especially the green earth leakage-breaker, you have an electrical problem in your house. If the case, and the power supply is not restored after the breaker is returned to the ‘On’ position, you will need to contact an electrician
  3. If the Council confirms that the problem lies on their side, then there is nothing else you can do but wait till the supply is restored.
  4. However, if the Council reports that everything is fine on their supply side, and you have checked and everything seems fine on your side (no tripped circuit breakers on your Distribution Board), your neighbours also have electricity, then there is a problem of the electricity supply to your unit. You will have to report this to the Estate Manager. The problem most probably lies at the control box (for electricity/DSTV/Telkom) for your unit which is situated in the Common area of the Estate. Only the Estate Manager has access to the keys for these boxes to check the status of the circuit breakers.

My neighbour’s dogs are driving me mad. What can I do about this?

You can report the matter to the Managing Agent giving detail of the problem. The Managing Agent will contact the HOA for action to be taken in need.

Before contacting the Managing Agent you may consider to go to your neighbour first and kindly inform him/her of their barking dog and offer a possible solution. They might be totally unaware of the problem, seeing that most household members are at work all day and not aware of what their dog/s are up to in their absence. Inform them on what days and when during the day the dog starts barking and also when it does not bark. Let them know why the barking is bothering you, you might be studying, you might have a baby whose sleep cycles is being disrupted or you might have an office at home. Let them know your complaint is valid and not just pettiness.

If you are perhaps the guilty party, always remember that it is not a pleasant thing for a neighbour to do, raising the problem of a noisy dog. Show to them that you take their complaint seriously and let them know you are taking it seriously and that you are going to look into it. If any solutions are at hand, put them in place as soon as possible.

(Above extracts taken from:

Companion Animal Programs Adviser - National Outreach - Jacque Lynn Schultz, C.P.D.T.

Of all dog behaviour problems, perhaps the most distressing one is the dog who barks when left alone. Incessant volleys of yips, woofs and whines are an irritant to those who live in close quarters or for those who need some peace and quiet in their life! These latchkey barkers fit several profiles. It is important to determine which one or more describes your dog; misreading the dog may result in a failure to extinguish the problem.

Click to read full article… .

The City of Cape Town's regulations with regards to barking dogs states that owners may not keep a dog that barks, yelps, howls or whines for more than six accumulated minutes in an hour, or more than three accumulated minutes in a half hour.

HOA Rules on Pets (Clause 4)

What are the arrangement concerning satellite dishes and DSTV feed?

The HOA supplies a high quality DSTV feed from its Communal Dish and owners who need this service are required to contact a local service provider to connect them to the Estate’s network.

Latest 2017 Satellite Television Settings Documents:

DSTV Decoder Settings
DSTV HD Settings
DSTV Explora Settings

Where can I get plastic bags for Recycling items?

Plastic bags can be requested from the Estate’s janitor. This person is on duty three days a week:

  • Mondays: 8h00 – 16h30
  • Wednesdays: 08h00 – 16h30
  • Fridays: 08h00 – 10h00

What to do with my garden refuse?

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What to do with the dry leaves in my driveway?

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Who can help me with the maintenance of my garden?

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Can homeowners request work (eg. washing of cars, cleaning, gardening, etc.) to be done by the Estate’s janitor?

The janitor is not allowed to do work for homeowners during his working hours. However, outside his working hours there will be no problem for him to help homeowners where needed. This will have to be arranged with him directly.

Are water restrictions in place?

Yes water restriction are currently in place. Please acquaint yourself with the full details of these restrictions as it is important that we as an Estate do our part to safe water during this crucial time of water shortage. Please click the following links for the latest information.

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Who are the members of the Board of Trustees and when do they meet?


How do I allow access for my visitors into the Estate?

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I saw a suspicious person or vehicle in the Estate. Who do I contact?

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My neighbour has a contractor working at his unit over the weekends or after hours. Who do I contact?

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I am planning a big party for my daughter’s twenty first birthday. What are the rules regarding events like this?

The hours of quiet stipulated by the HOA are as follows:

HOA RULES: Noise Sub-clause 11.3

A quiet time must be respected between 22h00 and 7h00 from Sunday to Thursday and 24h00 to 7h00 on Fridays and Saturdays.

If you are of the opinion that you will be able to keep within these hours and that the noise levels will be tolerable by fellow residents during this event, residents are more than welcome to organise such events.

However, if you are of the opinion that the HOA’s hours will restrict your enjoyment of the occasion, or that you may have a problem in restricting your guests to the required times and tolerable noise levels, then the HOA would like to recommend that you to rather consider having this event at a venue with less restrictions and allow you to enjoy it to the full.

Parking space is limited in the Estate and the number of cars expected for your event may also want you to consider having it an alternative venue.


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