The Constitution of the Villa di Legno Estate stipulates that all registered owners automatically become members of the Villa di Legno Homeowners Association (Association). These members are required to elect a Committee (Clause 12) which shall act as the Board of Trustees of the Association and which shall consist of at least four (4) persons. Each year at the Annual General Meeting the Members of the Association will elect Members to serve as Trustees on the Board. The elected Trustees are required to elect a Chairman and Vice-chairman and allocate the different portfolios to all Trustees.

The role of the Board of Trustees are crucial to the wellbeing of the Estate. To serve on the Board is a privilege as well as a big responsibility. Their basic functions (Constitution Clause 15) are to professionally manage and control the business affairs of the Association. This is done by the formulation of appropriate policies and rules for the smooth functioning of the Estate; implementing and monitoring of effective systems for the day-to-day running, maintenance and enhancement of common property; to ensure all the Association’s legal obligations are met; that finances are managed effectively and in a sound manner – all to the satisfaction of the members of the Association.


Living in a community within a HOA will not fit everyone’s style or preferences and could be a very frustrating experience for a person who dislikes being told what to do. Many of the freedoms of owning a normal residential unit outside the boundaries of an Estate are not possible in this setup. Many may find the HOA rules to be too restrictive. It is therefore necessary for prospective owners to acquaint themselves with the Rules and Constitution of the Estate before making a purchasing decision. If you are willing and able to live under these conditions, you will save yourself and the HOA much frustration and misery and you will be able to enjoy your time in the Estate like everyone else.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES: 2019 – 2020

The current serving Board of Trustees are the following persons:

  • Roy Pearson - Chairman
  • Lisa Sanders-Perrin - Vice-Chairman
  • Roman Dabrowski
  • Kate Fordyce
  • Chris Allflatt


The VDL Board of Trustees will be meeting on a bi-monthly basis. For the date of the next upcoming meeting, please contact the VDL Managing Agent.